Good Neighbor Policy

It is the policy of Monarch Sober Living Homes to be respectful neighbors. All residents will adhere to the following policies while living in the home. 

  • I will park legally in the spaces assigned to my house. I understand where those spaces are located.
  • I will drive slowly/the speed limit through the neighborhood.
  • I will not make U-turns illegally and will either turn around in our driveway or go to the opposite end of the street.
  • I will keep my music turned down while driving in the neighborhood, whether I am leaving or coming home. 
  • It is my responsibility to inform all people picking me up from the house or dropping me off these policies. Anyone picking up or dropping off people will pull over into a parking spot while they wait and not stop in the middle of the street. 
  • I will not go on any of the neighbor’s property without permission by the neighbor who owns that property.
  • I will keep my voice down while having personal/private conversations outside- anytime during the day or night.
  • I will keep the noise level down after 10 p.m.-inside and outside the home.
  • I will notify housing staff immediately if I am approached by any neighbor in a disrespectful way. For example, yelling, arguing, or asking me private information about the residents or the home which would cause me to violate the confidentiality agreement I signed during admission.

The procedure for violation of this policy is as follows:

1st Violation: Verbal warning/written warning

2nd Violation: Written warning including a strict 30-day contract

3rd Violation: Discharge from Monarch Sober Living Homes

I understand in this home we function as a family unit and live in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by other families. I understand the importance of following this policy and honoring the peace and integrity of the neighborhood. 

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